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All Listings in K0E, Cardinal

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
270 SPENCE LANE, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$12,000,00012/1/2021
11 RIVERVIEW Drive, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1V0K0ECardinal$6,700,00012/1/2021
1 HIMES ISLAND Island, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$4,750,00012/1/2021
337 ESCOTT ROCKPORT RD, Leeds & the Thousand Island, Ontario K0E1R0K0ECardinal$4,000,00012/1/2021
39 RIVERVIEW Drive, Rockport, Ontario K0E1V0K0ECardinal$3,500,00011/10/2021
360 TAR ISLAND, Mallorytown, Ontario K0E1R0K0ECardinal$2,300,00012/1/2021
443 ASH ISLAND, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$1,999,99912/1/2021
2147 JENNINGS ROAD, Winchester, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$1,950,00012/1/2021
408 EAST STREET, Prescott, Ontario K0E1T0K0ECardinal$1,748,88812/1/2021
248,246 LUMBER BAY LANE, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$1,690,00012/1/2021
6 HEADLANDS WAY, Rockport, Ontario K0E1R0K0ECardinal$1,399,50012/1/2021
1 PICNIC ISLAND, Leeds & the Thousand Island, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$1,389,00012/1/2021
807 PLUM HOLLOW ROAD, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$1,349,00012/1/2021
459 LYNDHURST Road, Lyndhurst, Ontario K0E1N0K0ECardinal$1,200,00012/1/2021
10284 COUNTY RD 43 ROAD, Mountain, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$1,200,00012/1/2021
2229 COUNTY RD 2 ROAD, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1T1K0ECardinal$1,199,80012/1/2021
11249 SNOWBIRD ROAD, South Mountain, Ontario K0E1W0K0ECardinal$1,180,00012/1/2021
908 COUNTY ROAD 42 ROAD, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$1,100,00012/1/2021
127 KITLEY LINE 3, Toledo, Ontario K0E1Y0K0ECardinal$1,088,80012/1/2021
11686 COUNTY ROAD 43 ROAD, Mountain, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$995,00012/1/2021
1493 COUNTY RD 2, Front of Yonge, Ontario K0E1R0K0ECardinal$980,00011/9/2021
3414 WINDMILL ROAD, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1T1K0ECardinal$955,00012/1/2021
22 HOLLAND Road, Leeds, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$949,00012/1/2021
10564 WYLIE WAY, Hallville, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$910,70012/1/2021
105 LAKE ELOIDA ROAD, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$875,00012/1/2021
1082 SAND BAY RD, Leeds & the Thousand Island, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$850,00012/1/2021
103 MOORE ROAD, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$849,50012/1/2021
712 DAYTOWN ROAD, Delta, Ontario K0E1G0K0ECardinal$849,00012/1/2021
751 COUNTY ROAD 42 ROAD E, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$825,00012/1/2021
1610 HYNDMAN ROAD, Oxford Station, Ontario K0E1X0K0ECardinal$824,90012/1/2021
1346 JORDAN ROAD, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$799,90012/1/2021
2517-2513 COUNTY ROAD 21 ROAD, Spencerville, Ontario K0E1X0K0ECardinal$799,90012/1/2021
2406 COUNTY RD 2 ROAD, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1T1K0ECardinal$799,00012/1/2021
58 OLD RIVER Road, Mallorytown, Ontario K0E1R0K0ECardinal$799,00012/1/2021
6423 NEW DUBLIN ROAD, Addison, Ontario K0E1A0K0ECardinal$799,00012/1/2021
6413 NEW DUBLIN ROAD, Addison, Ontario K0E1A0K0ECardinal$799,00012/1/2021
10278 HYNDMAN ROAD, Mountain, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$749,90011/10/2021
10080 MCINTYRE ROAD, South Mountain, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$729,00012/1/2021
8151 COUNTY RD 44 ROAD, Spencerville, Ontario K0E1X0K0ECardinal$724,90012/1/2021
83 KING Street, Delta, Ontario K0E1G0K0ECardinal$699,80312/1/2021
571 BURNS LANE, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$695,00011/8/2021
2 LINTON AVENUE, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1T1K0ECardinal$649,99811/22/2021
3049 DREW DRIVE, South Mountain, Ontario K0E1W0K0ECardinal$649,90011/4/2021
2517 COUNTY ROAD 21 ROAD, Spencerville, Ontario K0E1X0K0ECardinal$649,90012/1/2021
1306 CROWDER ROAD, Spencerville, Ontario K0E1X0K0ECardinal$639,90012/1/2021
7 BILLINGS AVENUE, Iroquois, Ontario K0E1K0K0ECardinal$635,00012/1/2021
2514 COUNTY 21 ROAD, Spencerville, Ontario K0E1X0K0ECardinal$599,90011/26/2021
760 1000 ISLANDS Parkway, Rockport, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$599,90012/1/2021
6 ALBERT STREET, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1T1K0ECardinal$599,90012/1/2021
272 COUNTY ROAD 8 ROAD, Toledo, Ontario K0E1Y0K0ECardinal$598,88812/1/2021
272 COUNTY 8 Road, Toledo, Ontario K0E1Y0K0ECardinal$598,88812/1/2021
5 BILLINGS AVENUE, Iroquois, Ontario K0E1K0K0ECardinal$595,00012/1/2021
Lot 28 MOTHER BARNES ROAD, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$569,90012/1/2021
11473 LAKESHORE DRIVE, Iroquois, Ontario K0E1K0K0ECardinal$549,50012/1/2021
3950 COUNTY18 ROAD, Augusta, Ontario K0E1T0K0ECardinal$499,90011/7/2021
50 ELIZABETH DRIVE, Iroquois, Ontario K0E1K0K0ECardinal$499,00012/1/2021
5590 BRIDLEWOOD COURT, Iroquois, Ontario K0E1K0K0ECardinal$479,90012/1/2021
223 FROOM ROAD, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$449,90011/15/2021
10827 GILMOUR ROAD, Brinston, Ontario K0E1C0K0ECardinal$449,90011/11/2021
10 COUNTY ROAD 5, Mallorytown, Ontario K0E1R0K0ECardinal$449,90011/15/2021
270 BRADLEY Lane, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$449,90012/1/2021
11590 LEVERE ROAD, Mountain, Ontario K0E1S0K0ECardinal$439,90012/1/2021
51 CEDAR STREET, Maitland, Ontario K0E1P0K0ECardinal$399,90012/1/2021
2216 COUNTY ROAD 2 ROAD, Johnstown, Ontario K0E1T1K0ECardinal$399,90011/8/2021
621B EAST STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$399,00012/1/2021
621A EAST STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$399,00012/1/2021
1696 MERWIN LANE, Prescott, Ontario K0E1T0K0ECardinal$399,00012/1/2021
815 JOSEPH STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$375,00012/1/2021
35 ELGIN STREET, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$359,90012/1/2021
196 THOMAS ROAD, Lyndhurst, Ontario K0E1N0K0ECardinal$349,90012/1/2021
125 HARD ISLAND ROAD ROAD, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$349,90011/24/2021
5 RAILWAY Street, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$319,00012/1/2021
388 BEALES MILLS ROAD, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$299,00011/23/2021
487 VICTORIA STREET E, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$289,90012/1/2021
35 SARAH STREET, Maitland, Ontario K0E1P0K0ECardinal$289,90011/4/2021
11240 SANDY ROW ROAD, South Mountain, Ontario K0E1W0K0ECardinal$279,90012/1/2021
661 EAST STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$279,00012/1/2021
811 JOSEPH STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$269,90011/4/2021
53 MAIN STREET, Athens, Ontario K0E1B0K0ECardinal$259,90012/1/2021
535 DODGE STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$249,90012/1/2021
206 CHURCHILL ROAD E, Prescott, Ontario K0E1T0K0ECardinal$249,00012/1/2021
31 CALDWELL DRIVE, Iroquois, Ontario K0E1K0K0ECardinal$225,00011/16/2021
3072 JOHN STREET, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$199,99912/1/2021
10599 MAPLE STREET, South Mountain, Ontario K0E1W0K0ECardinal$199,90012/1/2021
20 GARDEN Street, Lansdowne, Ontario K0E1L0K0ECardinal$199,90011/4/2021
8603 COUNTY 28 ROAD, Elizabethtown, Ontario K0E1A0K0ECardinal$199,90011/19/2021
185 SHANLY ROAD, Cardinal, Ontario K0E1E0K0ECardinal$199,90012/2/2021
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