K0A House Prices, Ottawa

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings, Ottawa

Map of All Listings in K0A, Ottawa

All Listings in K0A, Ottawa

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
2659 RAMSAY CONCESSION 7B ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$3,390,00012/1/2021
6306 MARTIN STREET N, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$2,750,00012/1/2021
2551 RUSSLAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$2,500,00012/1/2021
141 KERRY HILL CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$2,300,00012/1/2021
185 WEST LAKE CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$2,149,00011/28/2021
1379 CALYPSO STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$1,799,90011/5/2021
1929 8TH LINE ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$1,700,00012/1/2021
228 LOWE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,649,00012/1/2021
4105 BOUVIER RD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$1,589,40012/1/2021
1110 HUNTMAR DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,499,90012/1/2021
161 UNION STREET N, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,499,00012/1/2021
2467 DARLING ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$1,399,00012/1/2021
7232 FRANKTOWN ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,399,00012/1/2021
3719 WOODKILTON ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,399,00012/1/2021
3286 BARLOW CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$1,395,00011/2/2021
750 RICHMOND ROAD, Beckwith, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$1,349,90012/1/2021
5771 LOMBARDY DRIVE, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$1,250,00012/1/2021
4868 OPEONGO ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,200,00011/17/2021
1071 JULIA COURT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T1K0AOttawa$1,200,00011/18/2021
3247 ROBERT DOWD STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$1,200,00012/1/2021
983 ROUTE 800 E ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$1,199,90012/1/2021
8380 FOREST GREEN CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$1,150,00012/1/2021
24 MING COURT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,145,00011/10/2021
6175 PROVEN LINE ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,139,90012/1/2021
1916 ROUTE 600 ROUTE W, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$1,100,00012/1/2021
350 ALMONTE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,099,90012/1/2021
420 SANGEET PLACE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,099,00012/1/2021
66 BALD EAGLE CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,095,00011/4/2021
59 FRANCES COLBERT DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,094,90012/1/2021
224 MEYNELL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,074,00012/1/2021
2586 DWYER HILL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,050,00011/10/2021
2570 FIFTH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$1,050,00012/1/2021
1579 9TH LINE ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$999,99911/4/2021
3721 PADEN ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$989,00012/1/2021
3014 HARBISON ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$959,90012/1/2021
341 JOHNNY PORTER DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$950,00011/4/2021
3010 HARBISON ROAD, North Gower, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$949,90012/1/2021
2088 BOUVIER ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$949,90012/1/2021
128 CAM'S WAY, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$924,80011/12/2021
155 EQUITATION CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$924,77711/22/2021
504 BARRAGE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$899,90012/1/2021
1931 DES PINS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$899,90012/1/2021
98 LAROSE LANE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$899,90011/18/2021
238 LINDSAY LANE, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$899,90012/1/2021
2733 GLEN STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$899,90012/1/2021
132 ARGILE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$899,00011/2/2021
Lot 41 MCCAFFREY TRAIL, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$884,90012/1/2021
7459 COPELAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$884,90012/1/2021
3765 GRAINGER PARK ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$879,90012/1/2021
2829 BARLOW CRESCENT, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$879,00012/1/2021
2800 PIERCE ROAD, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$879,00012/1/2021
2325 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$875,00012/1/2021
610 ROUTE 400 ROUTE E, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$849,90012/1/2021
920 CORKERY ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$849,90011/3/2021
610 ROUTE 400 RTE E, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$849,90012/1/2021
6659 THIRD LINE ROAD S, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0AOttawa$849,90011/7/2021
2298 RELIN WAY, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$849,90011/11/2021
8199 ADAM BAKER WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$849,00011/12/2021
8715 BANK STREET S, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3J0K0AOttawa$849,00012/1/2021
110 DUNN STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$849,00012/1/2021
4616 MCCORDICK ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$849,00012/1/2021
Lot 42 MCCAFFREY TRAIL, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$844,90012/1/2021
136 ARGILE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$824,90012/1/2021
536 BARRAGE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$809,90012/1/2021
1144 CON 7 DARLING ROAD, Lanark Highlands, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$799,90012/1/2021
281 JUNIPER RIDGE, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$799,90012/1/2021
13917 CARRUTHERS ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$799,50012/1/2021
2758 YORKS CORNERS ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$799,00011/9/2021
5046-B CARP ROAD, Kinburn, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$795,00012/1/2021
3479 PANMURE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$749,90012/1/2021
Lot 29 ETIENNE STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$749,90011/10/2021
149 JOHANNA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$749,90011/19/2021
19 PILON STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$749,00011/4/2021
Lot 9 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$748,05012/1/2021
1191 CALYPSO STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$745,50011/24/2021
457 HONEYBORNE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$734,90011/11/2021
1279 LANDRY ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$729,90012/1/2021
41 ALBERT STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$729,90012/1/2021
3370 FARMERS WAY N, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario K0A1K0K0AOttawa$724,90012/1/2021
1000 WOLF GROVE ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$719,90011/23/2021
683 MCLACHLAN ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$699,90012/1/2021
Pt Lts 25&26 OLD BIRCH ROAD, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$699,90012/1/2021
2248 WALLINGFORD WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$699,90012/1/2021
2646 ST-PASCAL ROAD, Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$699,90012/1/2021
655 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$699,00012/1/2021
1860 BASELINE ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$699,00012/1/2021
29 JOHANNA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$699,00012/1/2021
115 O'DONNELL CRESCENT, Arnprior, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$698,90012/1/2021
Lot 19 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$680,26012/1/2021
6157 MALAKOFF ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$679,90012/1/2021
794 LAVAL STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$679,90011/15/2021
2398 OLD PERTH ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$679,00011/11/2021
25 BRISSON STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$669,90012/1/2021
1236 AVIGNON STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$665,50011/20/2021
Lot 10 CONCESSION 9B ROAD, Lanark, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$659,90012/1/2021
24 DESNOYERS STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$659,00012/1/2021
41 BEAVER LANE, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$650,00012/1/2021
555 LIMOGES ROAD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$650,00012/1/2021
142 BURKE STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$649,90011/12/2021
988 ST GUILLAUME ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0AOttawa$649,90012/1/2021
389 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$649,90012/1/2021
19 MAISONNEUVE STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$649,90012/1/2021
2051 KINGSLEY STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$649,90012/1/2021
35 HAROLD STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$649,90012/1/2021
1520 BAKER ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$649,90012/1/2021
533 BARRAGE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$639,90012/1/2021
521 BARRAGE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$634,90012/1/2021
Lot 26 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$625,48012/1/2021
95 MAYER STREET UNIT#A, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$624,90012/1/2021
Lot 1 CONCESSION 9B ROAD, Lanark Highlands, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$619,90012/1/2021
321 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$619,90012/1/2021
401 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$619,90012/1/2021
402 COUNTRY STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$609,90011/9/2021
Lot 20 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$607,40012/1/2021
3403 GENDRON ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0AOttawa$599,90011/18/2021
1748 ROLLIN ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$599,90012/1/2021
3306 SUNSTRUM STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$599,90011/3/2021
43 ISABELLE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$599,90012/1/2021
655 DES EPINETTES PLACE, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$599,90011/17/2021
8 FLEURETTE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$599,90012/1/2021
3043 GENDRON ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0AOttawa$599,90011/18/2021
28 ORMSBY DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$599,90011/19/2021
19 CONSTANTINEAU STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$599,90011/20/2021
14240 CON 10-11 ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$599,90012/1/2021
30 DENIS STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$599,80012/1/2021
29 DENIS STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$599,80012/1/2021
1775 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$599,00011/13/2021
14 MARY HILL CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$599,00011/10/2021
3374 BASKINS BEACH ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$599,00011/19/2021
Lot 22 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$597,40012/1/2021
186 BORDEAU STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$589,90012/1/2021
2781 BELLAMY ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$585,00012/1/2021
110 MAYER STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$574,99912/1/2021
1259 ROUTE 900 ROUTE E, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$559,90012/1/2021
3398 LEROY STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$550,00012/1/2021
31 MATHESON STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$549,90012/1/2021
220 ARGILE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$549,90012/1/2021
55 ISABELLE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$549,00012/1/2021
9 RALPH STREET, Morewood, Ontario K0A2R0K0AOttawa$549,00012/1/2021
3700 ARMITAGE AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$545,00011/3/2021
3267 YORKS CORNERS ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2G0K0AOttawa$539,90012/1/2021
142 RENFREW STREET, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0AOttawa$539,90012/1/2021
227 GORE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$524,90012/1/2021
720 ST ISIDORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$524,90012/1/2021
39 MATHESON STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$499,90011/4/2021
5409 OSGOODE MAIN STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$499,90011/2/2021
1004 ROUTE 800 ROUTE E, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$499,90011/3/2021
392 TRILLIUM CIRCLE, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$499,90012/1/2021
114 MACROSTIE LANE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$499,90012/1/2021
3093 GAGNE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0AOttawa$499,00012/1/2021
161 OTTAWA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$499,00012/1/2021
756 LAVAL STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$495,00012/1/2021
2831 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$475,00012/1/2021
6563 PRINCE OF WALES DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$469,90011/9/2021
654 ST-ISIDORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$469,00011/15/2021
245 EQUINOX DRIVE UNIT#104, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$450,00012/1/2021
85 OWLSHEAD ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3P0K0AOttawa$450,00011/4/2021
36 CHARLES STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$449,90012/1/2021
991 NOTRE DAME STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$449,90012/1/2021
5 JEAN-PAUL ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$449,90011/8/2021
114 LAURIER STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$449,90011/9/2021
14097 CONCESSION 10-11 ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$449,90012/1/2021
816 12TH CONCESSION SOUTH ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0AOttawa$449,50012/1/2021
6877 HARBOUR STREET, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$439,90012/1/2021
1535 LANDRY STREET, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$429,90011/12/2021
70 MOREWOOD MAIN STREET, Morewood, Ontario K0A2R0K0AOttawa$399,90012/1/2021
8 ST JAMES STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$399,90012/1/2021
49 CAMERON STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$389,90011/3/2021
8 TELEGRAPH AVENUE, Alfred, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$379,90012/1/2021
10 LAPALME STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$374,90012/1/2021
181 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD UNIT#3, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$349,90011/9/2021
152 SARAH STREET E, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$345,00012/1/2021
290 WATER STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$329,90012/1/2021
3104 CHAMPLAIN ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$324,90012/1/2021
3104 CHAMPLAIN ROAD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$324,90012/1/2021
2588 ST-PASCAL ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$315,00011/6/2021
2282 LANDRY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$279,90011/22/2021
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