K0A House Prices,Almonte

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings,Almonte

Map of All Listings in K0A,Almonte

All Listings in K0A,Almonte

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
8249 FERNBANK ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$4,499,0004/2/2024
350 BERRY SIDE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$4,200,0004/2/2024
5940 BROPHY DRIVE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$3,890,0004/2/2024
3017 STONERIDGE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$3,500,0004/2/2024
2985 TORWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$3,498,0004/2/2024
141 KERRY HILL CRESCENT, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$2,950,0004/2/2024
8340 BANK STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$2,695,0004/2/2024
5689 FERRY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$2,600,0004/2/2024
3886 ARMITAGE AVENUE, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$2,530,0004/2/2024
6197 OTTAWA STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$2,275,0004/2/2024
3464 JOY'S ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$2,222,2224/2/2024
2465 SIXTH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$2,198,0004/2/2024
2465 6TH LINE RD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$2,198,0004/2/2024
1901 CORKERY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$2,095,0003/1/2024
444 ROCK FOREST ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,995,0004/2/2024
7241 FRANKTOWN ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,950,0004/2/2024
899 OAK CREEK ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,949,0004/2/2024
303-307 DONALD B MUNRO DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,899,9004/2/2024
7350 FRANKTOWN ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,899,9004/11/2024
214 HILLCREST DRIVE, Appleton, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$1,899,0004/2/2024
148 WESTAR FARM WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$1,879,0004/2/2024
6537 FIRST LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2E0K0A$1,825,0004/2/2024
207 ASHTON CREEK CRESCENT, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$1,799,0003/16/2024
3145 PADEN ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$1,779,9004/2/2024
2560 CAVANMORE ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,699,9994/2/2024
866 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$1,699,0004/2/2024
7904 BANK STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,669,0004/2/2024
2840 BARLOW CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,650,0004/2/2024
4640 MCCORDICK ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,649,9004/2/2024
980 UPPER DWYER HILL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,649,0003/1/2024
2862 BLANCHFIELD ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$1,649,0004/6/2024
2862 BLANCHFIELD ROAD ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$1,649,0004/2/2024
105 WILBERT COX DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,575,0004/2/2024
1071 JULIA COURT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,575,0004/2/2024
100 ARBOURBROOK BOULEVARD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,574,9004/2/2024
2843 9TH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,550,0004/2/2024
254 LAKESHORE ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$1,550,0004/12/2024
2868 BOUVIER ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$1,549,0004/2/2024
8027 PARKWAY ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,500,0004/2/2024
202 GREY FOX DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,499,0003/1/2024
504 MCLEOD RD, McNab/Braeside, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$1,499,0004/2/2024
4264 OLD ALMONTE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$1,495,0004/2/2024
1453 BLAKENEY ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$1,489,9004/2/2024
2511 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$1,464,9004/2/2024
936 VANCES SIDE ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,449,5004/2/2024
155 PINERIDGE ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,399,9993/9/2024
2811 ELDO STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,399,9004/5/2024
2467 DARLING ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0A$1,399,0004/2/2024
586-590 DAVID MANCHESTER ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,399,0004/5/2024
152 GENTRY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,390,0003/1/2024
101 KERSCOTT HEIGHTS WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,369,0004/2/2024
220 VANCES SIDE ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,333,0004/2/2024
7595 SNAKE ISLAND ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,325,0003/12/2024
416 GINGER CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,320,0004/2/2024
420 GINGER CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,320,0004/12/2024
1394 DONALD B MUNRO DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,300,0004/2/2024
8447 PANA ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,300,0004/2/2024
428 GINGER CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,299,9994/2/2024
3159 8TH LINE ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,299,9084/5/2024
164 WILBERT COX DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,299,9003/1/2024
3183 GORDON MURDOCK ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$1,299,9004/2/2024
3246 DALMAC ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$1,299,0004/2/2024
2325 COUNTY RD 10 ROAD, St Eugene, Ontario K0A1P0K0A$1,299,0004/3/2024
5829 WOOD DUCK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$1,299,0004/14/2024
6484 PRINCE OF WALES DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$1,295,0004/2/2024
109 TALOS CIRCLE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,288,8003/1/2024
110 TALOS CIRCLE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,279,0004/2/2024
567 LAKESHORE ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$1,275,0004/2/2024
415 GAELIC GLEN RIDGE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$1,269,0004/2/2024
102 HARRY MACKAY ROAD, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$1,250,0004/2/2024
1733 METCALFE FARM ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,250,0003/1/2024
209 DES VIOLETTES STREET, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$1,250,0004/2/2024
3094 BARLOW CRESCENT, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,249,9004/2/2024
56 BALD EAGLE CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,249,9004/2/2024
188 CEDARSTONE STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,249,8004/5/2024
400 GINGER CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$1,199,9003/1/2024
209 FIDDLER'S GREEN TERRACE, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$1,199,0003/1/2024
121 WAGON DRIVE, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,195,0003/6/2024
15 MARINA DR, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$1,175,0004/3/2024
2583 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$1,174,9004/2/2024
141 TALOS CIRCLE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,159,0004/14/2024
75 ROCHELLE DRIVE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,149,9994/2/2024
448 CINNAMON CRESCENT, Kinburn, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$1,149,9993/1/2024
164 WILBERT COX DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,149,5004/5/2024
32 SOPWITH PRIVATE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,149,0003/1/2024
6803 RIDEAU VALLEY DRIVE S, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0A$1,129,9004/14/2024
2029 CARP ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,125,0004/13/2024
296 STONEWALK WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$1,124,0004/2/2024
1018 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$1,100,0004/2/2024
1783 OLD CARP ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,100,0004/12/2024
1965 HAWKER PRIVATE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,099,9003/1/2024
2080 BOUVIER ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$1,099,9004/2/2024
122 PLEASANT CREEK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,099,9004/2/2024
7827 JOCK TRAIL, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,099,9004/2/2024
4028 VAUGHAN SIDE ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,099,9004/5/2024
1115 ST ANDRE ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$1,099,0003/1/2024
7709 DALMENY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$1,095,0004/2/2024
508 OSMOND DALEY DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,095,0003/1/2024
119 CORNDAV WAY, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,095,0004/12/2024
4995 CARLSBAD LANE, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0A$1,085,0004/12/2024
792 NAMUR STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$1,074,9004/2/2024
119 SCOTCH PINE GROVE, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$1,072,9004/2/2024
284 TRUDEAU CRESCENT, Russell, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$1,060,8704/2/2024
401 GOLDEN LINE ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$1,050,0004/2/2024
101 ATMOSPHERE STREET, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0A$1,050,0004/10/2024
157 CAVANAGH DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,050,0004/2/2024
48 MARY HILL CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$1,050,0004/5/2024
162 HAROLD JONES WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$1,049,0004/10/2024
110 GREY STONE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$1,049,0004/2/2024
315 JOHNNY PORTER DRIVE, Beckwith, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$1,046,0004/11/2024
6635 STILLWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$1,029,9004/2/2024
360 ST TROPEZ STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$1,009,9003/1/2024
620 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$1,000,0004/2/2024
448 CINNAMON CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$999,9994/2/2024
8011 IVESON DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$999,9994/2/2024
1014 FILION ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$999,9004/2/2024
751 KIRKHAM CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$999,9003/15/2024
179 GLENNCASTLE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$999,9004/2/2024
6258 OLD RICHMOND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$999,9004/2/2024
3475 SUMMERBREEZE ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$998,4704/2/2024
478 LAKESHORE ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$995,5004/2/2024
2289 DEVINE ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0A$995,0003/1/2024
2602 12TH CONCESSION ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$995,0004/11/2024
78 COLONEL MURRAY STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$994,0004/2/2024
204 ANTLER CRT, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$991,0004/2/2024
557 SILVERBELL CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$989,0004/2/2024
776 KINGS CREEK ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$989,0004/12/2024
355 OLD ALMONTE ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$984,4443/1/2024
1795 KING STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$980,0004/6/2024
364 ANTLER COURT, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$975,8004/2/2024
288 TRUDEAU CRESCENT, Russell, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$962,5004/2/2024
3782 ETIENNE ROAD, Sarsfield, Ontario K0A3E0K0A$959,9004/2/2024
557 MARSEILLE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$959,0004/2/2024
138 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$950,0003/1/2024
6247 RUSSELL ROAD, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario K0A1K0K0A$950,0003/1/2024
107 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$949,9004/10/2024
260 TRUDEAU CRESCENT, Russell, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$949,9004/2/2024
170 DANIKA STREET, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$949,9004/2/2024
568 LIMOGES ROAD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$949,9004/2/2024
715 AURELE ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$949,0004/2/2024
1351 COUNTY RD 7 ROAD, Morewood, Ontario K0A2R0K0A$939,9004/2/2024
6008 OTTAWA STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$935,0004/2/2024
442 VAN DUSEN STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$935,0004/15/2024
3327 MORNINGMIST WAY, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$929,9004/2/2024
219 CAPRI AVENUE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$925,0004/2/2024
408 MEYNELL ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$924,9903/6/2024
402 MEYNELL ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$924,9904/2/2024
4996 STONECREST ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$924,9004/2/2024
1905 WOLF GROVE ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$924,5003/5/2024
320 MEYNELL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$920,0004/2/2024
182 YEARLING CIRCLE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$919,0004/2/2024
398 MEYNELL ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$909,9903/1/2024
536 MARSEILLE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$899,9004/2/2024
3669 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$899,9004/5/2024
6974 BANK STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$899,9004/10/2024
261 LACOURSE LANE, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$899,9004/2/2024
2104 TRAILWOOD DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$899,9004/2/2024
162 MINIKAN STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$899,9004/2/2024
437 FLEET CANUCK PRIVATE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$899,9003/1/2024
73 HACKAMORE CRES, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$899,9004/2/2024
21 PACING WALK, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$899,9004/2/2024
630 PETER'S POINT ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$899,9004/5/2024
5640 FOURTH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$899,5003/1/2024
6974 BANK ST W, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$899,0004/10/2024
4744 MARCH ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$895,0003/1/2024
111 ANTLER COURT, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$889,9004/10/2024
5640 FOURTH LINE ROAD, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$889,0003/13/2024
898 DU CASTOR ROAD, St Albert, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$884,9004/2/2024
2111 STRATTON DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$879,9004/5/2024
178 DANIKA STREET, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$879,9004/2/2024
3372 SCANLON DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$879,0003/1/2024
3095 DUQUETTE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0A$879,0004/10/2024
2661 CONCESSION ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$875,0003/1/2024
2661 CONCESSION 2 ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$875,0004/2/2024
2863 MACKEY ROAD, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$875,0004/13/2024
2123 DU GOLF ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$869,9003/1/2024
125 CAYER STREET, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0A$869,9004/2/2024
7795 FLEWELLYN ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$869,9004/13/2024
5788 ANDRASI CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$869,9003/1/2024
91 HORTON STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$869,0004/2/2024
808 COLOGNE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$869,0004/2/2024
1167 ALFRED CONCESSION 5 ROAD, Alfred, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$869,0004/12/2024
1417 RUSSELL ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$864,9004/5/2024
394 CRAIG ROAD, Oxford Station, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$860,0004/11/2024
1208 UPPER DWYER HILL ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$859,9003/5/2024
899 COLOGNE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$859,9004/2/2024
53 MALCOLM STREET, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$859,0004/2/2024
Lot 66 BECKWITH BOUNDARY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$853,9004/2/2024
35 WHITE TAIL DRIVE, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$850,0004/2/2024
3255 SARSFIELD ROAD, Sarsfield, Ontario K0A3E0K0A$850,0004/2/2024
133 DEER HAVEN LANE, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$849,9004/5/2024
3445 BASKINS BEACH ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$849,9004/2/2024
2380 JOHN QUINN ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$849,9004/2/2024
631 ROBERT HILL STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$849,9004/2/2024
386 JAMIESON STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$849,9004/2/2024
186 BAILLIE AVENUE, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$849,9004/2/2024
484 BRUGES STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$849,9004/2/2024
2188 ROUTE 400 ROUTE W, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$849,0004/2/2024
235 PURSUIT TERRACE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$849,0004/5/2024
120 HACKAMORE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$840,0004/3/2024
67 SOUTH INDIAN DRIVE, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$839,9004/13/2024
163 LION HEAD DRIVE, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$839,9004/2/2024
4 MERKLEY PLACE, Morewood, Ontario K0A2R0K0A$839,9004/5/2024
476 RIVER ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$839,5003/1/2024
30 OASIS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$834,9004/2/2024
165 LYON STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$829,9003/1/2024
3325 DONNELLY DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$829,9004/12/2024
3301 9TH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$829,0003/4/2024
3154 TORWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$829,0004/2/2024
1410 DU GOLF ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$829,0004/2/2024
508 BARRAGE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$824,9003/22/2024
176 HYBRID STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$824,9004/2/2024
454 PROVENCE AVENUE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$819,9994/2/2024
1219 AVIGNON STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$818,9004/2/2024
332 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$809,9004/2/2024
396 BARR SIDE ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$799,9003/2/2024
1394 SNYE ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$799,9004/2/2024
3059 NOLAN ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$799,9004/2/2024
1163 ROUTE 650 ROUTE, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$799,9004/2/2024
80 CANTLE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$799,9004/2/2024
162 FLOATING BRIDGE ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0A$799,9004/2/2024
8592 PANA ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$799,9003/1/2024
3617 VAUGHAN SIDE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$799,9004/11/2024
1394 SNYE ROAD, Whitney, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$799,9003/16/2024
204 HYBRID STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$799,9004/2/2024
401 12TH CONCESSION SOUTH PAKENHAM ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$799,9004/5/2024
4080 DIAMONDVIEW ROAD, Kinburn, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$799,9004/13/2024
128 HYBRID STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$799,8004/2/2024
67 CHATEAUGUAY STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$799,8004/2/2024
158 MUIRFIELD COURT, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$798,9004/2/2024
619 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$796,3004/12/2024
660 BRACEWELL STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$794,9003/20/2024
3305 SARSFIELD ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3E0K0A$789,9003/1/2024
636 GENEVA CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$789,9003/1/2024
1407 FRIBOURG STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$777,3004/2/2024
202 CAM'S WAY, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$775,0004/13/2024
243 ETIENNE STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0A$774,9003/1/2024
8 LAMADELEINE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$774,9004/2/2024
199 INDIAN HILL ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$774,9004/12/2024
89 GREEN ASH AVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$770,0004/6/2024
537 STRASBOURG STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$769,9003/1/2024
3399 SARSFIELD ROAD, Sarsfield, Ontario K0A3E0K0A$769,9004/5/2024
609 BRUXELLES STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$769,0003/15/2024
122 HARDWOOD DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$769,0004/2/2024
609 BRUXELLES STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$769,0003/14/2024
3400 REGBURN DRIVE, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$765,0004/2/2024
732 NAMUR STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$760,9004/2/2024
102 EQUITATION CIRC, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$759,9004/2/2024
153 BISHOP DAVIS DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$759,9003/5/2024
13A KING STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$753,3003/1/2024
5703 ELOISE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$750,0004/2/2024
61 PELHAM CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$749,9004/12/2024
104 RENFREW STREET, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$749,9003/1/2024
6887 HARBOUR STREET, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
756 NAMUR STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
3225 DROUIN ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
2733 STAGECOACH ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$749,9004/6/2024
3741 INDIAN CREEK ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
935 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
175 YEARLING CIRCLE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
191 GRAND TRONC STREET, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
6887 HARBOUR ST, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
1161 BELLAMY MILLS ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
172 WOODRIDGE COURT, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$749,9003/1/2024
2727 CHARTERS STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$749,9003/2/2024
9A KING STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$749,9004/2/2024
8611 PURDY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$749,9004/13/2024
3 CHANONHOUSE DRIVE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$749,0004/5/2024
1783 HIGHWAY 518 E, Kearney, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$749,0004/6/2024
1979 RICHARDSON SIDE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$748,8004/2/2024
180 ST PIERRE ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0A$745,0004/2/2024
297 NATURE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$739,9004/2/2024
1025 SHOWMAN STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$739,9004/2/2024
3919 ARMITAGE AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$738,9004/2/2024
1411 FRIBOURG STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$736,3004/8/2024
1310 LACROIX ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$734,9004/5/2024
7B KING STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$729,9003/1/2024
5A KING STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$729,9004/2/2024
265 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$727,5854/2/2024
4 ROCKWOOD DRIVE, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$725,0004/2/2024
620 BRUXELLES STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$724,9003/1/2024
899 COUNTY 8 ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$724,9004/2/2024
215 FIRESIDE DRIVE, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$724,9004/2/2024
3736 MARCIL ROAD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0A$724,9004/10/2024
63 FORTUNE STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$719,9003/12/2024
5925 PRINCE OF WALES DR, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$719,0004/2/2024
5925 PRINCE OF WALES DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$719,0004/2/2024
625 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$715,9004/12/2024
8303 RENE CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$714,0004/5/2024
823 LAVAL STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$714,0004/2/2024
581 STRASBOURG STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$709,0004/2/2024
256 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$705,5504/13/2024
7 COPPER COURT, Munster, Ontario K0A3P0K0A$699,9994/5/2024
409 COLMAR STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$699,9004/2/2024
119 LEN PURCELL DRIVE, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$699,9004/2/2024
2136 LEMERY STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0A$699,9003/1/2024
22 CLOUTIER DRIVE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$699,9004/2/2024
133 EQUITATION CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$699,9004/5/2024
3272 TAGGART STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$699,9004/2/2024
3000 BREEZY HEIGHTS ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$699,9003/7/2024
179 WAGON DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$699,9004/2/2024
17 LAMADELEINE BOULEVARD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$699,9004/12/2024
314 RIVERWOOD DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$699,8003/3/2024
6 PROVOST STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0A$699,8004/2/2024
1275 ST JOSEPH ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$699,0004/12/2024
2859 8TH CONCESSION C ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0A$699,0004/6/2024
1 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0A$689,9004/13/2024
1339 JOANISSE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$689,8004/9/2024
3800 DALMAC ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$685,0004/12/2024
52 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$684,9553/1/2024
627 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$684,0004/12/2024
3 VANESSA CIRCLE, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$680,0004/2/2024
952 STEWART LEE AVENUE, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$679,9004/2/2024
715 GENEVA CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$679,9004/2/2024
159 COUNTRY STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$679,9004/11/2024
602 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$679,8004/12/2024
17 SARAH STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$679,0004/2/2024
841 MARQUETTE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$675,9003/1/2024
4568 NORTHWOODS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$675,0004/2/2024
3824 DALMAC - 4TH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$675,0004/2/2024
321 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$674,9003/9/2024
1775 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$674,9003/27/2024
39 SEGUINBOURG ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$674,9004/2/2024
137 GIROUX STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$674,9004/2/2024
132 GIROUX STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$674,9003/1/2024
8750 WEST END WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$670,0004/2/2024
1967 BEARHILL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$669,9003/1/2024
141 LABELLE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$669,0004/2/2024
3633 DROUIN ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$669,0004/2/2024
14 COOLBROOK CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3P0K0A$669,0003/7/2024
40 LOUIS RIEL STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$664,9004/2/2024
514 ST LAWRENCE STREET, Winchester, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$664,9004/11/2024
264 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$662,5854/2/2024
255 ST-GUILLAUME ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0A$659,9004/2/2024
6485 FOURTH LINE ROAD, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$659,8003/16/2024
74 PELHAM CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$654,9003/14/2024
134 HUMMINGBIRD LANE, Beckwith, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$650,0004/2/2024
648 PLACE DES EPINETTES, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$650,0003/1/2024
4064 SCHNUPP ROAD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0A$650,0003/9/2024
192 FILION STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$650,0004/13/2024
4572 ANDERSON ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1K0K0A$649,9994/2/2024
31 NORMANDIE AVENUE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$649,9003/1/2024
3398 LEROY STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$649,9003/1/2024
3340 DUNROBIN ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$649,9004/2/2024
11 FRONTENAC BOULEVARD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$649,9003/1/2024
127 LLOYDALEX CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$649,9003/1/2024
196 CAMELON ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$649,9004/2/2024
293 HONEYBORNE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$649,9003/1/2024
2808 OLD MAPLE LANE, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0A$649,9004/2/2024
6515 FOURTH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$649,9004/2/2024
4057 BROADWAY STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3J0K0A$649,9004/11/2024
841 OLD UNION HALL ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$649,0004/2/2024
127 RADISSON DRIVE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$649,0004/11/2024
13 MACHABEE STREET, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0A$648,3504/5/2024
236 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$642,5854/2/2024
258 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$640,5504/13/2024
3702 ASHTON STATION ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0A$639,9004/2/2024
410 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$639,9003/9/2024
20 LINDA STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$639,9003/1/2024
5061 CANON SMITH DRIVE, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$639,9004/2/2024
443 CENTENAIRE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$639,9003/1/2024
LOT 3(A) CONCESSION 9B ROAD, Lanark Highlands, Ontario K0A1P0K0A$639,9004/2/2024
140 LABELLE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$639,9003/1/2024
465 DENIS STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$639,0004/2/2024
1671 8TH LINE ROAD, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0A$639,0003/20/2024
278 BALDWIN STREET, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$638,9004/2/2024
48 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$635,2003/1/2024
39 MERLIN STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$629,9003/1/2024
35 COLDSTREAM DRIVE, Munster, Ontario K0A3P0K0A$629,9003/1/2024
33 PACING WALK, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$629,9004/12/2024
129 GIROUX STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$629,9004/2/2024
25 FILION STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$629,9003/1/2024
289 RIVERWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$629,9003/1/2024
168 RIVINGTON STREET UNIT#B, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$629,9004/12/2024
238 ROXANNE STREET, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$629,0004/14/2024
74 MALCOLM STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$624,9003/1/2024
3610 GENDRON ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$624,9003/1/2024
119 CENTENAIRE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$624,9003/15/2024
135 CENTENAIRE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$624,9004/2/2024
1236 LACASSE ROAD, Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$624,9004/5/2024
239 FILION STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$624,2504/2/2024
49 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$623,9003/1/2024
262 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$620,5504/13/2024
773 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$620,5004/12/2024
3603 VAUGHAN SIDE ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$620,0004/2/2024
7510 HARNETT ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$619,9003/1/2024
95 CASTLEBEAU STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$619,9004/2/2024
3697 ETIENNE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3E0K0A$619,9004/2/2024
793 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$619,0003/1/2024
1296 STE MARIE ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$615,9004/2/2024
110 MAYER STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$614,9004/2/2024
14 CHATEAU CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$614,9003/1/2024
209 NATURE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$614,9004/8/2024
90 CLOUTIER DRIVE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$614,9004/5/2024
608 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$611,9004/12/2024
44 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$611,2003/1/2024
2519 DU LAC ROAD, Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario K0A3N0K0A$610,0004/2/2024
900 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$609,9004/2/2024
23 SARAH STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$609,0004/2/2024
604 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$606,7004/12/2024
27 MANITOU STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$604,9004/11/2024
84 DEWAR AVENUE, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$599,9993/1/2024
68 CHAD STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$599,9994/2/2024
189 OLD PAKENHAM ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$599,9994/5/2024
872 ARCHIBALD STREET, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$599,9004/13/2024
1475 CALYPSO STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$599,9004/2/2024
919 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$599,9004/2/2024
29 COLDSTREAM DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3P0K0A$599,9004/2/2024
47 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$599,9003/1/2024
44 CASTLEBEAU STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$599,9003/1/2024
4612 BOUNDARY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1K0K0A$599,9004/2/2024
39 ISABELLE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$599,9003/1/2024
957 BRAE-LOCH ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$599,9004/13/2024
1240 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$599,9004/2/2024
6362 FIRST LINE ROAD, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0A$599,9004/5/2024
7305 RIDEAU VALLEY DRIVE S, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0A$599,0004/2/2024
4507 STONECREST ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$599,0003/1/2024
305 ZAKARI STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$599,0004/2/2024
269 BRIDGE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$599,0004/2/2024
521 TRAILVIEW PRIVATE, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario K0A1K0K0A$599,0004/8/2024
28 LAMADELEINE BOULEVARD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$598,5003/21/2024
511 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$598,2404/2/2024
257 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$596,4603/1/2024
243 BELFORT STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$595,0004/2/2024
29 CONSTANTINEAU STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$595,0004/5/2024
124 ROYAL COURT, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$595,0003/1/2024
26 MAITLAND STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$595,0004/2/2024
914 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$594,9004/2/2024
780 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$591,1004/12/2024
918 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$589,9004/2/2024
3654 COUNTY 29 ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$589,9004/2/2024
57 LACHAINE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$589,9004/2/2024
917 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$589,9004/2/2024
140-A PARC DES DUNES STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$589,9004/2/2024
4431 FARMERS WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1K0K0A$589,0004/2/2024
285 NATURE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$589,0004/2/2024
818 NAMUR STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$588,6004/13/2024
905 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$586,9004/2/2024
2641 GAGNE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$585,5004/2/2024
9 PROMENADE BOULEVARD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$585,0004/2/2024
5 SARAH STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$584,9003/1/2024
654 CHILLON ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$584,0004/6/2024
3297 PANMURE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$579,9004/5/2024
3348 ROGER STEVENS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$579,0004/11/2024
534 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$577,5003/1/2024
50 CHATEAU CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$575,0003/9/2024
26 OWLSHEAD ROAD, Munster, Ontario K0A3P0K0A$575,0003/15/2024
672 DUHAMEL ST, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$575,0004/2/2024
36 MAIN STREET W, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$574,9003/9/2024
1026 NOTRE DAME STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$574,9004/2/2024
51 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$574,9003/1/2024
133 GIROUX STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$574,9004/2/2024
135 MANION ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$574,9003/1/2024
125 CASTEL STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$574,9003/1/2024
1228 ST-ALBERT ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$574,9004/2/2024
238 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$571,1444/2/2024
19 DESNOYERS STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$569,9004/11/2024
779 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$565,6004/12/2024
213 BELFORT STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$564,9004/2/2024
250 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$560,5504/13/2024
83 BOURDEAU CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$559,9003/9/2024
3060 RUSSLAND ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0A$559,9004/2/2024
3726 CARTIER STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0A$559,0003/6/2024
1354 ST JOSEPH ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$558,0004/2/2024
53 ALBERT STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$554,9003/14/2024
928 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$554,9004/2/2024
3035 HENRIE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0A$554,0003/7/2024
947 LACROIX ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$550,0004/2/2024
3530 MCBEAN STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$550,0004/2/2024
26 COCKBURN STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$549,9004/2/2024
831 ARCHIBALD STREET, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$549,9004/2/2024
1201 500 ROUTE W, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$549,9003/1/2024
11 VICKY COURT, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$549,9004/2/2024
653 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$549,9004/13/2024
34 KING STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$549,9003/16/2024
2388 DU LAC ROAD, Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario K0A3N0K0A$549,0003/13/2024
930 CHABLIS CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$546,9004/2/2024
217 EQUINOX PRIVATE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0A$545,0004/2/2024
651 CHILLON ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$544,9003/1/2024
75 COLONEL MURRAY STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0A$540,0003/22/2024
791 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$537,8003/1/2024
531 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$537,6003/1/2024
535 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$537,6004/2/2024
206 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$532,9064/2/2024
7889 SKYLARK STREET, Vernon, Ontario K0A3J0K0A$532,9004/11/2024
67 ADAM STREET, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0A$529,9993/1/2024
221 ZAKARI STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$529,9004/2/2024
59 OWLSHEAD ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3P0K0A$529,9004/2/2024
524 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$529,9004/2/2024
17 ST-JEAN BAPTISTE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$529,9004/2/2024
691 DES CEDRES AVENUE, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$529,0003/8/2024
202 AUGUSTA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$525,0003/16/2024
3025 WHITE LAKE ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$525,0004/2/2024
866 LACROIX ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$525,0004/15/2024
77 MAIN STREET, Morewood, Ontario K0A2R0K0A$524,9003/1/2024
54 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$524,9003/1/2024
252 BALDWIN STREET, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$524,9003/11/2024
873 USBORNE STREET, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$524,9004/5/2024
208 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$520,9004/2/2024
250 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$519,9004/2/2024
4110 INDIAN CREEK ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$519,9003/1/2024
2447 THOMAS A DOLAN PARKWAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$519,9004/5/2024
2447 THOMAS DOLAN PARKWAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0A$519,9004/10/2024
647 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$518,2003/1/2024
517 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$517,9004/5/2024
143B CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$514,9003/1/2024
242 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$509,9004/2/2024
789 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$505,3004/12/2024
797 CHANTILLY ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$504,4003/19/2024
6508 FIRST LINE ROAD, Manotick, Ontario K0A2E0K0A$500,0004/5/2024
3 BRIDGE STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0A$499,9004/2/2024
248 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$499,9004/2/2024
3330 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$499,9004/2/2024
1923 LABONTE STREET, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$499,9003/19/2024
3847 LOGGERS WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$499,9004/13/2024
721 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$499,0004/2/2024
5463 OSGOODE MAIN STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$499,0003/14/2024
3228 VANCE STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0A$499,0004/2/2024
6508 CARP ROAD, Kinburn, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$499,0004/2/2024
730 DES CHENES STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$493,5004/5/2024
209 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$492,9004/2/2024
207 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$492,9004/2/2024
92 BRUNET STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$490,0003/16/2024
250 MAUDE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$490,0004/5/2024
2615 GALETTA SIDE ROAD W, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$489,9004/11/2024
8 CHAMPAGNE STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0A$487,9993/2/2024
211 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$486,0013/9/2024
2377 CHURCH STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0A$485,0004/12/2024
13A SECOND STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0A$482,9993/1/2024
120 WENDIGO WAY, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$480,0004/2/2024
13B SECOND STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0A$477,9993/1/2024
148B CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$474,9003/1/2024
147A CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$474,9003/1/2024
147B CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$474,9003/1/2024
122 BROOKDALE AVENUE, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$474,9004/9/2024
503 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$471,4003/1/2024
516 CHAMBORD STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$471,4003/1/2024
641 MONTESSOR ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$471,4003/6/2024
216 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$471,0774/2/2024
3100 KINBURN SIDE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$469,9004/2/2024
591 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$465,0004/2/2024
6 TELEGRAPH AVENUE, Alfred, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$464,9004/3/2024
145A CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$459,9003/1/2024
214 CYPRESS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$459,9004/2/2024
102 LAURIER STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$450,0004/12/2024
632 ST-ISIDORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$449,4494/5/2024
4395 DU CENTRE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$447,5004/2/2024
134 CASTEL STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$439,9003/1/2024
215 VICTORIA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$439,9004/2/2024
3190 GUINDON ROAD, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0A$439,9004/5/2024
397 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$438,8884/2/2024
3096 KINBURN SIDE ROAD, Kinburn, Ontario K0A2H0K0A$434,0004/2/2024
76 LAURIER STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$429,9004/5/2024
118 MARSHALL STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0A$419,9004/2/2024
2122 ROUTE 400 ROUTE W, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$419,0004/11/2024
695 MONTEE LEBRUN ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$409,9003/1/2024
170 MOORHEAD DRIVE, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0A$400,0003/16/2024
35 BURNSTOWN ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0A$399,9004/2/2024
125 HUNTER CRESCENT, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$399,9004/2/2024
889 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$399,9004/2/2024
436 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0A$399,9004/15/2024
135 WOODS ROAD, Constance Bay, Ontario K0A3M0K0A$399,9003/15/2024
25 BOURQUE STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$399,9004/13/2024
697 MONTEE LEBRUN ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$399,5004/13/2024
3274 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0A$384,9004/2/2024
1635 LANDRY STREET, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0A$374,0004/6/2024
39 MAIN STREET UNIT#6, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$369,9004/2/2024
251 CAPRI AVENUE UNIT#3, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$359,9003/1/2024
856 NOTRE DAME STREET UNIT#204, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0A$359,9004/2/2024
816 12TH CONCESSION SOUTH ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0A$349,9004/2/2024
1428 ROUTE 800 ROUTE E, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0A$349,9004/2/2024
86 LAFLECHE BOULEVARD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$319,9003/23/2024
86 LAFLECHE BOULEVARD UNIT#310, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$319,9004/2/2024
471 LIMOGES ROAD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0A$305,0003/9/2024
769 ST-JEAN STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0A$259,9003/2/2024
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