K0A House Prices,Ottawa

History Chart of Average Price And Total Listings,Ottawa

Map of All Listings in K0A,Ottawa

All Listings in K0A,Ottawa

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
1944 FORCED ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$4,500,0009/15/2022
3495 TORWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$3,999,9009/2/2022
5689 FERRY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$3,500,0009/10/2022
13865 CARRUTHERS ROAD, Morewood, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$3,250,0009/2/2022
1148 JULIA COURT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$3,100,0009/2/2022
1326 TERRACE RIDGE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$2,999,9009/2/2022
2551 RUSSLAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$2,500,0009/2/2022
1024 BLAKENEY ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0AOttawa$2,450,0009/2/2022
2487 SIXTH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$2,350,0009/5/2022
8864 COPELAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$2,250,0009/2/2022
2465 6TH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$2,200,0009/2/2022
136 COLONEL NICHOLSON LANE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$2,150,0009/2/2022
129 COUNTRY CARRIAGE WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,999,8889/20/2022
2325 COUNTY 10 ROAD, Hawkesbury, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$1,999,5009/2/2022
649 ROUTE 500 E ROUTE, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$1,995,9009/2/2022
102 HARRY MACKAY ROAD, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,950,9009/20/2022
111 GAZELLE Trail, Apsley, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,799,9009/2/2022
111 GAZELLE TR, North Kawartha, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,799,9009/2/2022
3540 TORWOOD DRIVE, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$1,795,0009/2/2022
5532 FIRST LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2E0K0AOttawa$1,795,0009/17/2022
3594 KINBURN SIDE ROAD, Kinburn, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$1,790,0009/2/2022
25 RIDGEVIEW DRIVE, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$1,750,0009/9/2022
1965 OLD CARP ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,699,0009/17/2022
2043 ROUTE 600 ROUTE W, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$1,695,0009/2/2022
8 WRANGELL ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$1,689,0009/9/2022
144 CONCESSION 10 ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$1,650,0009/22/2022
3882 MCBEAN STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,599,0009/17/2022
3246 DALMAC ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$1,599,0009/2/2022
105 MARGARET ANNE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,599,0009/2/2022
132 CONSTANCE CREEK DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$1,582,0009/22/2022
109 RUSHING BROOK DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,555,0009/2/2022
102 ALLBIRCH ROAD, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,499,9009/14/2022
147 MALCOLM STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,499,9009/2/2022
364 RIVERWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,499,9009/2/2022
1020 CORKERY ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,499,9009/2/2022
221 JANET DRIVE, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$1,495,9009/2/2022
3695 GREENLAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$1,479,9009/16/2022
355 OLD ALMONTE ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,459,0009/2/2022
356 SPRING STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,450,0009/2/2022
1365 ROUTE 700 ROUTE, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$1,424,9009/2/2022
8342 ALBERT BOUWERS CIRCLE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$1,400,0009/2/2022
303-307 DONALD B MUNRO DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,399,9009/2/2022
6484 PRINCE OF WALES DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$1,399,0009/11/2022
4625 CARP ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,398,9009/7/2022
5514 CANON SMITH DRIVE, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$1,398,0009/2/2022
2862 BLANCHFIELD ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$1,395,0009/8/2022
296 STONEWALK WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$1,389,0009/23/2022
1115 ST ANDRE ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$1,375,0009/2/2022
1115 ST. ANDRE RD, Russell, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$1,375,0009/2/2022
2441 DIAMONDVIEW ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,350,0009/2/2022
11 CARLISLE CIRCLE, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,350,0009/2/2022
3084 HENRIE RD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$1,349,9999/2/2022
915 SPRUCE RIDGE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,349,0009/22/2022
PT LT 2, CON 1 NORTH SHORE WHITE LAKE NORTH, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$1,300,0009/2/2022
136 GREY STONE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,300,0009/23/2022
3084 HENRIE ROAD, Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$1,299,9999/10/2022
6247 RUSSELL ROAD, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario K0A1K0K0AOttawa$1,250,0009/2/2022
7196 RIDEAU VALLEY DRIVE S, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0AOttawa$1,250,0009/14/2022
1168 HOWIE ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,250,0009/2/2022
107 BOURDEAU BOULEVARD, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$1,250,0009/2/2022
144 COUNTRY MEADOW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,250,0009/2/2022
429 GINGER CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$1,249,9009/2/2022
29 SOPWITH PRIVATE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,200,0009/2/2022
1905 WOLF GROVE ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,199,9509/21/2022
1373 LACROIX ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$1,199,9119/2/2022
983 ROUTE 800 E ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$1,199,9009/2/2022
1690 ST FELIX ROAD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$1,199,9009/2/2022
4017 CARP ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,199,9009/14/2022
6575 ROLLING HILLS PLACE, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0AOttawa$1,199,9009/2/2022
4540 NORTHWOODS DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,199,0009/2/2022
8134 JOCK TRAIL ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,199,0009/2/2022
1686 JOANISSE ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$1,199,0009/2/2022
534 BRUNTON SIDE ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,198,0009/23/2022
603 ROBERT HILL STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,150,0009/2/2022
49 CANADIAN DRIVE, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,150,0009/2/2022
7474 FRANKTOWN ROAD, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,150,0009/8/2022
751 KIRKHAM CRESCENT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,150,0009/17/2022
874 DAVID MANCHESTER ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,124,9009/22/2022
168 HAROLD JONES WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,100,0009/15/2022
2378 DEVINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$1,100,0009/2/2022
2378 DEVINE RD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$1,100,0009/2/2022
870 CENTRE STREET, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$1,100,0009/2/2022
2844 OLD ALMONTE ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,100,0009/2/2022
39 MIRA COURT, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,099,9009/2/2022
1195 UPPER DWYER HILL ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,099,0009/2/2022
100 LENNOX STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,099,0009/2/2022
609 NORIKER CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$1,098,0009/2/2022
185 HIDDEN LAKE CRESCENT, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,098,0009/10/2022
277 JOSHUA STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Y0K0AOttawa$1,080,0009/2/2022
1206 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,080,0009/2/2022
Lot 106 COPELAND ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$1,079,9009/2/2022
840 DAVID MANCHESTER ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,075,0009/2/2022
151 ANTLER COURT, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$1,075,0009/2/2022
124 MANION ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$1,000,0009/15/2022
584 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$1,000,0009/2/2022
5448 GABERT ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$1,000,0009/2/2022
2828 CONCESSION 8C ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$999,9999/2/2022
7459 COPELAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$999,9009/2/2022
5873 PERTH STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$999,9009/2/2022
4777 APPLETON SIDE ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$999,9009/8/2022
19 PACING WALK, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$999,9009/5/2022
1629 LACASSE ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$999,9009/2/2022
25 SOPWITH PRIVATE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$999,9009/21/2022
2278 SHANNA ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$998,3009/2/2022
3719 GORDON MURDOCK ROAD, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$995,0009/2/2022
108 GLENNCASTLE DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$995,0009/2/2022
4523 ANDERSON ROAD, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario K0A1K0K0AOttawa$995,0009/7/2022
LOT 118 DIAMONDVIEW ESTATE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$990,5009/2/2022
6974 BANK STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$989,5009/3/2022
1719 8TH LINE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$989,0009/2/2022
8621 MCCAFFREY TRAIL, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$989,0009/2/2022
1075 LANDRY ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$989,0009/16/2022
161 OLD PAKENHAM ROAD, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$979,9009/2/2022
794 KINGS CREEK ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$975,0009/6/2022
5873 PERTH STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$974,9009/16/2022
7606 BANK STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$969,9009/2/2022
3303 BARLOW CRESCENT, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$959,9009/2/2022
243 MERRITHEW STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$950,0009/8/2022
161 BELVEDERE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0AOttawa$950,0009/2/2022
164 SNELGROVE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$950,0009/15/2022
350 ALMONTE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$949,9009/2/2022
5656 LOMBARDY DRIVE, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$949,9009/2/2022
1369 ONTARIO Street, Cobourg, Ontario K0A0N3K0AOttawa$949,0009/2/2022
3710 PADEN ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$949,0009/24/2022
466 WOLF GROVE ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$939,9009/10/2022
2360 DEVINE ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$924,9009/2/2022
3670 KINBURN SIDE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$910,0009/2/2022
5668 ELOISE CRESCENT, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$909,9009/2/2022
175 SPRUCE RIDGE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$899,9009/14/2022
259 3 MILE BAY ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$899,9009/2/2022
845 JACK DALGITY STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$899,9009/7/2022
1009 12TH CONCESSION ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$899,9009/16/2022
8078 BLACK WILLOW LANE, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$899,9009/17/2022
1009 CONCESSION RD 12C ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$899,9009/18/2022
1016 KEEPER HTS, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$899,0009/20/2022
154 BURNS DRIVE, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$899,0009/2/2022
2974 STONERIDGE ROAD, Dunrobin, Ontario K0A1T0K0AOttawa$899,0009/2/2022
LOT 144 WHITE TAIL RIDGE, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$894,0009/2/2022
2188 ROUTE 400 ROUTE W, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$889,0009/2/2022
8809 COPELAND ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$888,0009/23/2022
920 CORKERY ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$885,0009/24/2022
358 TAIT MCKENZIE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$879,9009/7/2022
776 AURELE ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$879,0009/2/2022
8272 FOREST GREEN CRESCENT, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$875,0009/2/2022
76 DE LA RIVE DRIVE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$874,9009/9/2022
620 BRUXELLES STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$874,9009/3/2022
442 PROVENCE AVENUE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$869,9009/6/2022
2188 ROUTE 400 WEST, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$869,9009/24/2022
4688 NORTHWOODS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$865,0009/2/2022
4285 FAWN LANE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$859,9009/23/2022
4023 CARP ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A2L0K0AOttawa$859,0009/2/2022
325 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$849,9009/2/2022
7609 SETTLERS WAY, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$849,9009/2/2022
1023 ST AUGUSTIN STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$849,9009/2/2022
1441 GALBRAITH ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$849,9009/2/2022
155 EQUITATION CIRCLE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$849,0009/22/2022
133 DEER HAVEN LANE, Lanark Highlands, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$849,0009/7/2022
3305 SARSFIELD ROAD, Sarsfield, Ontario K0A3E0K0AOttawa$848,7009/2/2022
301 TAIT MCKENZIE STREET, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$839,0009/24/2022
321 CHEMIN MAYNELL ROAD RD E, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$829,9909/2/2022
304 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$829,9009/2/2022
71 DAZE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$825,0009/2/2022
3640 ROGER STEVENS DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$825,0009/2/2022
610 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$824,9009/2/2022
3054 KLONDIKE ROAD W, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$824,9009/9/2022
144 CHURCH STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$819,9009/10/2022
410 DORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$819,9009/2/2022
625 BRUXELLES STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$814,9009/2/2022
1144 CON 7 DARLING ROAD, Lanark Highlands, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$799,9009/2/2022
8104 LAURIE LANE, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$799,9009/2/2022
134 WINDMILL CRESCENT, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$799,9009/16/2022
8400 FALLOWFIELD ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$799,9009/17/2022
129 SADLER DRIVE, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$799,9009/2/2022
183 CHARMONT WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$799,9009/5/2022
53 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$799,9009/7/2022
11 GLOSS STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$799,9009/9/2022
224 DEERWOOD DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$799,5009/3/2022
2534 UPPER DWYER HILL ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$799,0009/2/2022
1333 JOANISSE ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$795,0009/2/2022
208 NATURE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$789,9009/10/2022
186 GLENNCASTLE DRIVE, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$789,0009/2/2022
6957 BANK STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$789,0009/7/2022
2337 YORKS CORNERS ROAD, Edwards, Ontario K0A1V0K0AOttawa$784,9009/2/2022
2144 ROGER STEVENS DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$780,0009/16/2022
639 GENEVA CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$779,9009/2/2022
224 JOHANNA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$779,9009/8/2022
62 BURNS DRIVE, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$774,9009/2/2022
581 STRASBOURG STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$770,0009/2/2022
854 REAUME STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$768,0009/11/2022
LOT 77 ROGER STEVENS DRIVE, Montague, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$764,9009/2/2022
3281 WILD CHERRY DRIVE, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$750,0009/9/2022
6464 FOURTH LINE ROAD, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$750,0009/2/2022
4512 MARCH ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$749,9009/16/2022
19 SARAH STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$749,9009/2/2022
661 CONSERVATION STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$749,9009/2/2022
68 BURKE STREET E, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$749,9009/2/2022
356 ECHO POINT RD, Lanark Highlands, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$749,9009/4/2022
2292 COUNTY RD 16 ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$749,9009/15/2022
26 HONORE CRESCENT, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$739,9009/2/2022
13 PACING WALK, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$734,9009/3/2022
161 LYON STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$729,9009/17/2022
870 OCEANE STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$729,0009/2/2022
32 PACING WALK, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$729,0009/8/2022
645 CONSERVATION STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$728,0809/2/2022
3548 WOODKILTON ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$725,0009/2/2022
4657 ANDERSON ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1K0K0AOttawa$725,0009/2/2022
Lot 20 CONCESSION 9B ROAD, Lanark, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$724,9009/2/2022
14894 CONCESSION 10-11 ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$724,9009/7/2022
9 PACING WALK, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$722,0009/8/2022
6669 WILLISBROOK DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$719,9009/2/2022
951 DU CASTOR ROAD, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$715,0009/22/2022
LOT 76 ROGER STEVENS DRIVE, Montague, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$714,9009/9/2022
203 FILION STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$714,9009/2/2022
41 HAROLD STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$714,9009/6/2022
929 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$714,9009/2/2022
235 FILION STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$709,9009/2/2022
5876 BUCKLAND ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$699,9009/2/2022
1275 ST JOSEPH ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$699,9009/2/2022
118 HILL STREET, Appleton, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$699,9009/2/2022
25 STATION ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$699,9009/2/2022
1385 LACASSE ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$699,9009/2/2022
1985 YORKS CORNERS ROAD, Edwards, Ontario K0A1V0K0AOttawa$699,9009/17/2022
67 RENOIR DRIVE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$699,9009/9/2022
2325 RIVER ROAD, Arnprior, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$689,9009/5/2022
21 SARAH STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$689,9009/2/2022
14725 CONCESSION 7-8 ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$689,9009/8/2022
462 MARGARETE LANE, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$689,0009/2/2022
265 3 MILE BAY ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$685,0009/15/2022
3956 LOGGERS WAY, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$685,0009/20/2022
Lot 3 CONCESSION 9B ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$684,9009/2/2022
1748 ROUTE 600 W ROUTE, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$684,9009/16/2022
226 OTTAWA STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$679,9009/2/2022
420 CENTENAIRE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$675,5009/9/2022
38 BURNS DRIVE, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$675,0009/13/2022
988 ST GUILLAUME ROAD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W1K0AOttawa$674,9009/2/2022
5421 TAYLOR WAY, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$674,9009/20/2022
16 RENOIR DRIVE, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$669,0009/15/2022
2640 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$668,9009/2/2022
637 CONSERVATION STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$667,0009/2/2022
954 NOTRE DAME STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$659,9009/20/2022
3878 GOYER LANE, Hammond, Ontario K0A2A0K0AOttawa$659,0009/13/2022
8389 BANK STREET, Metcalfe, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$650,0009/2/2022
150 CLIFFORD CAMPBELL STREET, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$650,0009/2/2022
116 MAYER STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$649,9009/2/2022
4131 LAFORTUNE DRIVE, Vernon, Ontario K0A3J0K0AOttawa$649,9009/13/2022
1908 KING STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$649,9009/2/2022
2090 OLD BIRCH ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$649,9009/2/2022
975 UPPER DWYER HILL ROAD, Carp, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$649,0009/2/2022
3341 PEARL STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$644,9009/24/2022
185 BAILLIE AVENUE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$644,9009/2/2022
1395 NOTRE DAME STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$639,9009/17/2022
804 NAMUR STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$637,5009/2/2022
39 LAPOINTE BOULEVARD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$634,9009/16/2022
43 BOURDEAU CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$630,0009/14/2022
8078 RUSSELL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$629,0009/2/2022
46 BRISSON STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$625,0009/2/2022
3255 ELIZABETH ST, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$624,9009/2/2022
78 MITCHESON STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$624,0009/2/2022
3664 BOUVIER ROAD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$620,0009/2/2022
417 DENIS STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$619,9009/2/2022
40 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$600,2009/10/2022
52 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$600,2009/10/2022
1167 NOTRE DAME STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$600,0009/9/2022
393 TRILLIUM CIRCLE, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
211 ADELAIDE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
948 CALYPSO STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
3255 ELIZABETH STREET, Osgoode, Ontario K0A2W0K0AOttawa$599,9009/8/2022
3029 BIRCHGROVE ROAD, Cumberland, Ontario K0A3E0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
5195 DU CENTRE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
4016 OLD ALMONTE ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$599,9009/24/2022
17 ALBERT STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$599,9009/22/2022
215 MABEL STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
171 MOORHEAD DRIVE, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$599,9009/17/2022
271 COUNTY RD 19 ROAD, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
403 CENTENAIRE STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$599,9009/2/2022
87 BRUNET STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$599,5009/2/2022
1769 RIVER ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$598,0009/2/2022
1586 USBORNE ROAD, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$597,0009/2/2022
2187 DES PINS STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$595,9009/20/2022
4444 TRANQUILITY LANE, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$595,0009/12/2022
137 ARGILE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$594,9009/16/2022
1810 JOSEE STREET, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$589,9009/2/2022
58 RICHER STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$585,0009/10/2022
5924 LEITRIM ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A1K0K0AOttawa$584,9009/21/2022
1085 500 ROUTE W, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$579,9009/2/2022
1094 COUNTY 8 ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$579,9009/2/2022
218 ARGILE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$569,9009/16/2022
21 STE-THERESE BOULEVARD, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$565,0009/2/2022
229 ZAKARI STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$564,9009/2/2022
677 STE ANNE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$559,9009/23/2022
129 BAY ROAD, Clayton, Ontario K0A1P0K0AOttawa$550,0009/22/2022
6718 RIDEAU VALLEY DRIVE S, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2E0K0AOttawa$550,0009/22/2022
852 RIVER ROAD N, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$549,9009/2/2022
1091 BRAZEAU ROAD, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$549,9009/2/2022
3468 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$549,9009/2/2022
45 KING STREET N, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$549,9009/2/2022
1255 OLD PERTH ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$549,9009/2/2022
6445 PRINCE OF WALES DRIVE, North Gower, Ontario K0A2T0K0AOttawa$549,9009/2/2022
1094 COUNTY ROAD 8 ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$549,9009/13/2022
740 ST-ISIDORE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$549,5009/9/2022
107 BRUNET STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$544,9009/2/2022
18 BRITTANY STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$539,9009/22/2022
364 SOLSTICE CRESCENT, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$534,5009/2/2022
71 ASSELIN STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$529,0009/8/2022
14 BRITTANY STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$525,0009/17/2022
66 MARTIN STREET N, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$525,0009/21/2022
142 BORDEAU STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$524,9009/24/2022
2252 FITZROY STREET, Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario K0A1X0K0AOttawa$524,9009/23/2022
380 WYLIE STREET, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$522,5008/27/2022
31 ALBERT STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$519,9009/24/2022
1149 MONTEE DROUIN ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$518,9009/2/2022
717 MONTEE LEBRUN ROAD, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$509,9009/7/2022
234 TRILLIUM CIRCLE CIRCLE, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$499,9999/24/2022
452 RIVER ROAD, Appleton, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$499,9009/2/2022
1876 DIVISION STREET, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$499,9009/4/2022
104 DOLORES STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$499,9009/9/2022
2205 PRINCIPALE STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$499,9009/2/2022
758 ST JOSEPH STREET UNIT#A, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$499,9009/2/2022
5758 FIRST LINE ROAD, Kars, Ontario K0A2E0K0AOttawa$499,9009/2/2022
14 CONCESSION STREET W, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$499,0009/2/2022
693 WOLF GROVE ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$499,0009/2/2022
3889 MCBEAN STREET, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$495,0009/23/2022
815 BAYVIEW DRIVE, Ottawa, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$489,9009/16/2022
1220 DU LAC ROAD, Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$489,9009/2/2022
4305 SCHNUPP ROAD, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$485,0009/4/2022
872 7TH CONCESSION SOUTH ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0AOttawa$480,0009/2/2022
215 ST THOMAS ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$479,9009/7/2022
17 JEANNE D'ARC STREET, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$477,9999/2/2022
17 JEANNE D'ARC ST, Russell, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$477,9999/2/2022
186 LAVERGNE STREET, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$474,9999/2/2022
4881 OPEONGO ROAD, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$469,9009/2/2022
22 ORMSBY DRIVE, Richmond, Ontario K0A2Z0K0AOttawa$450,0009/8/2022
96 MAIN STREET, Morewood, Ontario K0A2R0K0AOttawa$449,9009/10/2022
816 12TH CONCESSION SOUTH ROAD, Pakenham, Ontario K0A2X0K0AOttawa$449,5009/2/2022
Part Lot 5 CON 2 MCNAB ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$449,0009/2/2022
91 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#302, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/2/2022
99 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#411, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/2/2022
83 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#202, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/2/2022
75 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#109, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/2/2022
107 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#512, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/2/2022
107 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#511, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/2/2022
107 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#512, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/20/2022
99 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#411, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/20/2022
107 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#511, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/20/2022
91 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#302, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/20/2022
83 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#202, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/20/2022
75 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#109, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$439,9009/20/2022
107 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#510, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
237 RUSSELL ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A2A0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
107 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#510, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
107 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#509, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
83 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#210, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
83 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#204, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
75 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#108, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
99 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#405, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
99 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#403, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
91 ST MORITZ TERRACE UNIT#304, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/2/2022
75 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#108, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
99 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#403, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
91 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#304, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
83 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#210, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
83 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#204, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
107 ST MORITZ TRAIL UNIT#509, Embrun, Ontario K0A1W0K0AOttawa$429,9009/20/2022
34 QUEEN STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$425,0009/2/2022
105 OTTAWA STREET, Limoges, Ontario K0A2M0K0AOttawa$420,0009/18/2022
2990 UPPER DWYER HILL ROAD, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2H0K0AOttawa$419,0009/17/2022
14 SECOND STREET, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$415,0009/2/2022
5315 THUNDER ROAD, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario K0A1K0K0AOttawa$409,9009/10/2022
1299 RAMSAY CONCESSION 3A ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$399,9009/2/2022
1862 LABONTE STREET, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$398,9009/24/2022
2239 DOLLARD STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$398,0009/2/2022
4789 WOODKILTON ROAD, Woodlawn, Ontario K0A3M0K0AOttawa$397,0009/23/2022
3370 PRINCIPALE ST STREET, Wendover, Ontario K0A3K0K0AOttawa$385,0009/2/2022
2144 ROLLIN ROAD, Clarence-Rockland, Ontario K0A3N0K0AOttawa$379,9009/9/2022
279 BLAKENEY ROAD, Almonte, Ontario K0A1A0K0AOttawa$375,0009/11/2022
4133 TALBOT STREET, Vernon, Ontario K0A3J0K0AOttawa$375,0009/23/2022
30 FINDLAY STREET, Braeside, Ontario K0A1G0K0AOttawa$374,9009/16/2022
750 BREBEUF STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$369,9009/14/2022
1856 LABONTE STREET, Clarence Creek, Ontario K0A1N0K0AOttawa$350,0009/23/2022
15 BELLEVUE STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$349,9009/2/2022
7496 COPELAND STREET, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$349,9009/2/2022
7496 COPELAND ROAD, Ashton, Ontario K0A1B0K0AOttawa$349,9009/21/2022
2150 ROUTE 600 WEST, St Albert, Ontario K0A3C0K0AOttawa$329,9009/6/2022
6210 CORDUROY STREET, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$299,9009/13/2022
6210 CORDUROY ROAD, Vars, Ontario K0A3H0K0AOttawa$299,9009/14/2022
117 RAYCROFT PENINSULA ROAD, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$299,0009/2/2022
728 LAVAL STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$270,0009/2/2022
6849 BANK STREET, Ottawa, Ontario K0A2P0K0AOttawa$249,9008/31/2022
38 LAURIER STREET, Casselman, Ontario K0A1M0K0AOttawa$249,0009/9/2022
14440 CONCESSION 10-11 ROAD, Crysler, Ontario K0A1R0K0AOttawa$249,0009/9/2022
13 CENTRE STREET, Bourget, Ontario K0A1E0K0AOttawa$229,9009/2/2022
Con2 Pt Lt 7 DONNELLYS BAY, White Lake, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$229,9009/4/2022
2901 CONCESSION 2 ROAD, Alfred, Ontario K0A1L0K0AOttawa$110,0009/2/2022
3200 CONC 3 ROAD, Mississippi Mills, Ontario K0A3L0K0AOttawa$79,9009/2/2022
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