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All Listings in B0P, Woodville

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
3970 Highway 358, Canning, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$1,650,00012/1/2021
9641 HIGHWAY 221, Canning, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$1,620,00012/1/2021
2969 Highway 1, Aylesford East, Nova Scotia B0P1C0B0PWoodville$1,575,00012/1/2021
128 Foleaze Park Drive, Brow Of The Mountain, Nova Scotia B0P1J0B0PWoodville$1,499,50012/1/2021
1852 Gospel Road, Arlington, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$1,485,00012/1/2021
792 Bligh Road, Woodville, Nova Scotia B0P1G0B0PWoodville$1,400,00012/5/2021
1932 GOSPEL Road, Arlington, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$1,350,00012/1/2021
2147 Grand Pre Road, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia B0P1M0B0PWoodville$1,149,90012/1/2021
9757 Main Street, Canning, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$998,90012/1/2021
190 Collins Road, Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P1T0B0PWoodville$899,90012/1/2021
242 Fuller Road, Bishopville, Nova Scotia B0P1P0B0PWoodville$759,90012/1/2021
50 Country Club Lane, Falmouth, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$749,90012/1/2021
4922 Highway 1, South Berwick, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$699,00012/1/2021
790 Church Street, Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P1T0B0PWoodville$698,00012/1/2021
15 Cooperage Lane, Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P1T0B0PWoodville$680,00012/1/2021
1913 Bishopville Road, Bishopville, Nova Scotia B0P1P0B0PWoodville$638,00012/1/2021
1809 Highway 1, Falmouth, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$625,00012/1/2021
10176 Highway 221, Habitant, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$624,90012/1/2021
Lot 9 Fundy Court, Falmouth, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$599,90012/3/2021
329 Augsburger Street, Victoria Harbour, Nova Scotia B0P1C0B0PWoodville$599,90012/1/2021
1254 Bog Road, Falmouth, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$599,00012/1/2021
1851 Dodge Road, Forest Glade, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$555,00012/1/2021
1878 Torbrook Road, Meadowvale, Nova Scotia B0P1W0B0PWoodville$550,00012/1/2021
4004 Highway 358, South Scots Bay, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$550,00012/1/2021
139 Belle Drive, Meadowvale, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$549,90012/1/2021
61 Ronald Avenue, Cambridge, Nova Scotia B0P1G0B0PWoodville$539,90012/1/2021
3282 Long Point Road, Harbourville, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$468,90012/1/2021
152 Old Post Road, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia B0P1M0B0PWoodville$459,90012/1/2021
143 Oxley Steele Road, Scots Bay, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$449,90012/1/2021
12557 Hwy 1, Avonport, Nova Scotia B0P1B0B0PWoodville$444,00012/4/2021
146 Main Street, Berwick, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$439,90012/1/2021
55 Laurel Street, Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$429,00012/1/2021
1948 Highway 221, Weltons Corner, Nova Scotia B0P1C0B0PWoodville$425,00012/1/2021
79 Peterson Street, Cambridge, Nova Scotia B0P1G0B0PWoodville$419,00012/1/2021
3252 Long Point Road, Harbourville, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$400,00012/1/2021
14033 Highway 1, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P1P0B0PWoodville$385,00012/1/2021
14456 Evangeline (HWY 1) Trail, Wilmot, Nova Scotia B0P1W0B0PWoodville$375,00012/1/2021
708 Shaw Road, Berwick, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$369,90012/1/2021
1823 Black Rock Road, Waterville, Nova Scotia B0P1V0B0PWoodville$365,00012/1/2021
178 TOWN Road, Falmouth, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$350,00012/1/2021
4 Prince Street, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P1P0B0PWoodville$349,90012/1/2021
13920 Highway 1, Wilmot, Nova Scotia B0P1W0B0PWoodville$349,90012/1/2021
752 Main Street, Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$349,90012/1/2021
2865 HIGHWAY 358, Norths Corner, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$349,90012/1/2021
190 Hanson Road, Upper Falmouth, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$349,90012/1/2021
1215 Starrs Point Road, Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P1T0B0PWoodville$339,90012/1/2021
4320 Brooklyn Street, Somerset, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$339,90012/1/2021
6411 Highway 221, Lakeville, Nova Scotia B0P1G0B0PWoodville$339,90012/1/2021
280 Bentley Road, Rockland, Nova Scotia B0P1E0B0PWoodville$329,90012/1/2021
611 Crystal Drive, Greenwood, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$325,00012/1/2021
1116 Chapel Street, Canning, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$310,00011/8/2021
909 MAIN Street, Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$309,90012/1/2021
10 Evangeline Drive, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P1P0B0PWoodville$299,90011/16/2021
770-774 Central Avenue, Greenwood, Nova Scotia B0P1N0B0PWoodville$298,25012/1/2021
7 TASHA Drive, Wilmot, Nova Scotia B0P1W0B0PWoodville$289,90011/18/2021
6535 Aylesford Road, Morristown, Nova Scotia B0P1C0B0PWoodville$285,00012/1/2021
7580 Highway 221, Centreville, Nova Scotia B0P1J0B0PWoodville$285,00011/10/2021
NS 14623 Highway 1, Wilmot, Nova Scotia B0P1W0B0PWoodville$260,00012/1/2021
46 Holmes Hill Road, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P1P0B0PWoodville$249,90012/2/2021
3330 Prospect Road, Cambridge, Nova Scotia B0P1G0B0PWoodville$249,90012/1/2021
998 ARGUS Drive, Greenwood, Nova Scotia B0P1N0B0PWoodville$249,90011/5/2021
8872 Highway 221, Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$244,90012/1/2021
12 Princess Lane, Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$230,00012/4/2021
1070 J Jordan Road, Canning, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$225,00011/17/2021
803 Orion Street, Greenwood, Nova Scotia B0P1N0B0PWoodville$214,90012/1/2021
465 PEREAU Road, Pereau, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$199,00012/1/2021
6060 Highway 12, North Alton, Nova Scotia B0P3C4B0PWoodville$199,00012/1/2021
51 BRIDGE Street, Melvern Square, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$194,90012/1/2021
1381 Bishop Avenue, Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$189,90011/5/2021
10282 Highway 201, Meadowvale, Nova Scotia B0P1R0B0PWoodville$185,00012/1/2021
492 Highway 1, Mount Denson, Nova Scotia B0P1L0B0PWoodville$180,00012/3/2021
2741 Black Rock Road, Grafton, Nova Scotia B0P1V0B0PWoodville$179,90012/3/2021
11820 HIGHWAY 1, Grand Pré, Nova Scotia B0P1M0B0PWoodville$175,00012/1/2021
870 WHITMAN Road, Aylesford, Nova Scotia B0P1C0B0PWoodville$164,90012/1/2021
3003 Highway 358, Norths Corner, Nova Scotia B0P1H0B0PWoodville$134,90012/1/2021
14284 Highway 1, Wilmot, Nova Scotia B0P1W0B0PWoodville$129,90012/1/2021
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