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All Listings in B0E, Cleveland

PropertyAreaCityPriceUpdatedDetailed History
292 Bourgeois Road, Petit Étang, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$3,200,0001/1/2022
50 Lower Shore Road, Judique, Nova Scotia B0E1P0B0ECleveland$1,750,0001/1/2022
1A-10 116 Birch Crescent, Cape George, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$1,365,0001/1/2022
190-192 Fiddlehead Road, Big Harbour Island, Nova Scotia B0E2Y0B0ECleveland$1,350,0001/1/2022
15720 Highway 19, Inverness, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$1,200,0001/1/2022
15283 Cabot Trail, Chéticamp, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$1,100,0001/1/2022
341 Wall Street, Cape George Estates, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$975,0001/1/2022
175 Main Street, Port Hood, Nova Scotia B0E2W0B0ECleveland$950,0001/1/2022
82 Tower Road, Mulgrave, Nova Scotia B0E2G0B0ECleveland$945,0001/1/2022
6471 No. 19 Highway, Judique North, Nova Scotia B0E1P0B0ECleveland$895,0001/1/2022
453 Grande Greve Road, Grande Greve, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$880,0001/19/2022
122 Peter Sosna Drive, Macnabs Cove, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$853,0001/1/2022
86 Freddies Lane, Louisdale, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$815,0001/11/2022
755 Cheticamp Island Road, Chéticamp Island, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$800,0001/1/2022
2463 Highway 320, Poulamon, Nova Scotia B0E1K0B0ECleveland$799,0001/1/2022
2470 Highway 206, Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E1A0B0ECleveland$798,8001/1/2022
5955 West Bay Highway, Roberta, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$699,9001/1/2022
140 Juniper Lane, West Bay Marshes, Nova Scotia B0E3K0B0ECleveland$699,9001/1/2022
5116 Highway 320, Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E1A0B0ECleveland$699,0001/3/2022
215 Helmuts Lane, Cleveland, Nova Scotia B0E1J0B0ECleveland$695,0001/20/2022
268 & 270 Lobster Plant Road, Cape Auguet, Nova Scotia B0E1A0B0ECleveland$685,0001/1/2022
4230 Marble Mountain Road, Lime Hill, Nova Scotia B0E3K0B0ECleveland$679,0001/1/2022
490 223 Highway, Little Narrows, Nova Scotia B0E1T0B0ECleveland$599,9001/13/2022
123 French Cove Road, French Cove, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$599,9001/1/2022
3735 West Bay Highway, St. Georges Channel, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$585,0001/1/2022
525 CHEBUCTO Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$550,0001/1/2022
225 Maple Drive, Cape George, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$549,0001/1/2022
157 Twining Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$549,0001/17/2022
4231 Marble Mountain Road, Lime Hill, Nova Scotia B0E3K0B0ECleveland$539,0001/1/2022
64 OLD MARGAREE Road, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$533,3001/1/2022
49 Big Baddeck Road, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$499,9001/1/2022
152 Mabou Harbour Road, Mabou, Nova Scotia B0E1X0B0ECleveland$499,0001/1/2022
339 Mabou Harbour Road, Mabou, Nova Scotia B0E1X0B0ECleveland$484,0001/1/2022
141 East Margaree Cross Road, Margaree, Nova Scotia B0E1Y0B0ECleveland$475,0001/1/2022
366 Lakeshore Drive, Irish Cove, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$465,0001/7/2022
Lot 7 33 Dorothy Robinson Drive, Cleveland, Nova Scotia B0E1J0B0ECleveland$429,0001/7/2022
3320 Highway 320, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia B0E1K0B0ECleveland$399,9001/1/2022
2968 West Lake Ainslie Road, Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$399,0001/12/2022
4 Lochness Street, Inverness, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$399,0001/1/2022
11 County Line Road, Cleveland, Nova Scotia B0E1J0B0ECleveland$395,0001/1/2022
24 BARREN Road, Chéticamp, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$380,0001/1/2022
8456 West Bay Highway, Sampsonville, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$379,0001/1/2022
424 County Line Road, Cleveland, Nova Scotia B0E1J0B0ECleveland$375,0001/1/2022
9012 Pepperell Street, St. Peter's, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$369,0001/1/2022
1720 Highway 206, West Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E3C0B0ECleveland$369,0001/1/2022
167 Chapel Cove Road, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$369,0001/1/2022
416 Stoney Point Road, Orangedale, Nova Scotia B0E2K0B0ECleveland$365,0001/1/2022
15052 Cabot Trail Road, Chéticamp, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$360,0001/1/2022
86 Queen Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$350,0001/1/2022
39 Tamarak Lane, Baddeck Inlet, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$349,9001/1/2022
555 Chebucto Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$339,9001/1/2022
4026 Highway 206 Samson Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia B0E3C0B0ECleveland$339,0001/1/2022
4781 Kempt Road, Cleveland, Nova Scotia B0E1G0B0ECleveland$335,9001/1/2022
12 Birch Street, Mabou, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$325,0001/1/2022
1119 Cenotaph Road, West Bay, Nova Scotia B0E3L0B0ECleveland$324,0001/1/2022
8810 HIGHWAY 105 Road, Baddeck Inlet, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$319,9001/1/2022
1564 206 Highway, West Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E3J0B0ECleveland$310,0001/1/2022
1327 205 HIGHWAY, Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$299,0001/1/2022
3792 105 Highway, Glendale, Nova Scotia B0E3L0B0ECleveland$299,0001/1/2022
47 Mill Road, Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia B0E2A0B0ECleveland$299,0001/1/2022
Indian Island, Ottawa Brook, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$298,0001/1/2022
7271 Highway 344, Steep Creek, Nova Scotia B0E2G0B0ECleveland$298,0001/1/2022
126 MacEachern Road, Port Royal, Nova Scotia B0E1J0B0ECleveland$297,5001/1/2022
14925 Cabot Trail, Chéticamp, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$295,0001/19/2022
53 Fargher Lane, Estmere, Nova Scotia B0E1T0B0ECleveland$290,0001/1/2022
156 Grandique Ferry Road, Louisdale, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$289,0001/1/2022
44 Trout Lake Drive, Grande Anse, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$289,0001/1/2022
126 Pembroke Road, Grand Étang, Nova Scotia B0E1L0B0ECleveland$289,0001/1/2022
854 Red River Road, Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia B0E2P0B0ECleveland$280,0001/1/2022
143 Black River Road, Grande Anse, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$280,0001/1/2022
899 Westside Grand River Road, Grand River, Nova Scotia B0E1M0B0ECleveland$279,9001/1/2022
329 Grandique Ferry Road, Louisdale, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$279,0001/1/2022
Lot 2B 1934 East Maragaree Road, Margaree, Nova Scotia B0E2B0B0ECleveland$275,0001/1/2022
15877 Cabot Trail Road, Petit Étang, Nova Scotia B0E2M0B0ECleveland$259,9001/1/2022
1253 Hwy#252, Skye Glen, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$259,0001/1/2022
12699 Highway 4, Soldiers Cove, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$250,0001/1/2022
981 VETERANS MEMORIAL Drive, Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E1A0B0ECleveland$249,9001/1/2022
4 Landrys Lane, Boudreauville, Nova Scotia B0E2L0B0ECleveland$249,0001/1/2022
45 Big Rory Road, Judique, Nova Scotia B0E1P0B0ECleveland$248,0001/19/2022
234 Boudreauville Road, Boudreauville, Nova Scotia B0E2L0B0ECleveland$245,0001/1/2022
2336 Hwy#395, East Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia B0E3M0B0ECleveland$235,0001/1/2022
1773 Hwy. #247, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$229,0001/1/2022
16449 Cabot Trail, La Prairie, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$225,0001/1/2022
4028 HWY 105 Route, Glendale, Nova Scotia B0E3L0B0ECleveland$219,9001/1/2022
1461 206 Highway, West Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E3J0B0ECleveland$199,9001/1/2022
10 La Prairie Road, La Prairie, Nova Scotia B0E1H0B0ECleveland$199,5001/1/2022
29 Allans Lane, Valley Mills, Nova Scotia B0E2Y0B0ECleveland$198,0001/1/2022
98 Landry Lane, Sampsonville, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$195,0001/1/2022
1561 East Side Grand River Road, L'Archeveque, Nova Scotia B0E1M0B0ECleveland$189,0001/1/2022
4005 highway 206 Highway, Sampsons Cove, Nova Scotia B0E2L0B0ECleveland$189,0001/1/2022
245 Church Point 724 Accept Status & Dates (34)Asso, River Bourgeois, Nova Scotia B0E2X0B0ECleveland$189,0001/1/2022
8 Peter MacLean Road, Ottawa Brook, Nova Scotia B0E1T0B0ECleveland$180,0001/1/2022
11822 CABOT TRAIL Road, Cap Le Moine, Nova Scotia B0E3A0B0ECleveland$179,9001/1/2022
330 Rocky Bay Road, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia B0E1K0B0ECleveland$179,9001/1/2022
45 MacLean Street, Inverness, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$175,0001/1/2022
30 ABERSHORE Road, Aberdeen, Nova Scotia B0E3M0B0ECleveland$175,0001/1/2022
20 Simeans Lane, Long Point, Nova Scotia B0E1P0B0ECleveland$175,0001/1/2022
236 Twining Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$170,0001/1/2022
240 South Side Petit De Grat Road, Alderney Point, Nova Scotia B0E2L0B0ECleveland$169,0001/1/2022
2135 Highway 247, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$169,0001/1/2022
2135 Hwy 247, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$169,0001/10/2022
152 HIGHWAY 320, Louisdale, Nova Scotia B0E1J0B0ECleveland$159,0001/1/2022
1688 St.Peter Fourchu Road, Grand River, Nova Scotia B0E1B0B0ECleveland$159,0001/1/2022
8910 Pepperell Street, St. Peter's, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$152,5001/1/2022
46 Mann Avenue, Inverness, Nova Scotia B0E1N0B0ECleveland$150,0001/1/2022
4 Evong Road, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$149,5001/8/2022
14 Heritage Lane, East Lake Ainslie, Nova Scotia B0E3M0B0ECleveland$149,0001/1/2022
2099 Highway 320, Martinique, Nova Scotia B0E1K0B0ECleveland$146,9001/1/2022
4167 Highway 206, Little Anse, Nova Scotia B0E3C0B0ECleveland$139,9001/1/2022
85 Highway 320, Grande Anse, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$139,0001/1/2022
12696 Cabot Trail, Grand Étang, Nova Scotia B0E1L0B0ECleveland$135,0001/1/2022
200 Highway 320, Louisdale, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$129,9001/1/2022
2652 320 Highway, Poulamon, Nova Scotia B0E1K0B0ECleveland$129,0001/1/2022
27 Cap La Ronde Road, D'Escousse, Nova Scotia B0E1K0B0ECleveland$125,0001/1/2022
14226 Highway 4, Hay Cove, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$123,0001/1/2022
70 Chemin du Lac Road, Grand Étang, Nova Scotia B0E1L0B0ECleveland$99,5001/1/2022
15292 Highway 4, Johnstown, Nova Scotia B0E3B0B0ECleveland$95,0001/15/2022
1709 247 Highway, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$89,5001/1/2022
14 Bennie's Lane Extension, Louisdale, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$89,0001/1/2022
6442 4 Highway, Grande Anse, Nova Scotia B0E1V0B0ECleveland$87,5001/1/2022
1337 Janvrin Harbour Road, Janvrin Harbour, Nova Scotia B0E3J0B0ECleveland$84,5001/1/2022
5458 Highway 344, Sand Point, Nova Scotia B0E2G0B0ECleveland$83,5001/1/2022
2108 Hwy. #247, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$79,7001/1/2022
127 Cove Road, West Arichat, Nova Scotia B0E1A0B0ECleveland$79,5001/1/2022
6760 105 Highway, Upper River Denys, Nova Scotia B0E2Y0B0ECleveland$65,0001/1/2022
44 Golden River Road, Loch Lomond, Nova Scotia B0E1A0B0ECleveland$49,5001/1/2022
2008 Highway 247, L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia B0E1S0B0ECleveland$45,0001/1/2022
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